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Are you looking for Reliable Gutter Repair, Installation & Downspout Services In East Portland?

We protect your home from rain, snow, sleet, and clogged gutter systems with HOMEMASTERS' full line of installed residential gutter and roofing services. You won't have to worry about who is working on your home. Our gutter replacement installers are experienced, fully trained, and take care when working on your property.

HOMEMASTERS is the go-to gutter installation service provider in the East Portland area for quality gutter services. We have nearly 30 years of experience in providing high-quality gutter work and our countless satisfied customers over that time are proof of our dedication to our craft.

Our East Portland roofing company handles many aspects of your homes gutter system including the Best Gutter Guard System in East Portland.

You can be assured that the service we provide will exceed your expectations. Our experienced team of skilled professional Gutter Installers will tailor each job to your specific needs to enhance your home. We utilize only state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality materials for each and every gutter installation.

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Gutter Services We Offer in East Portland

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Gutter Replacement

Gutter replacement can be a difficult and dangerous task. It may be necessary to replace your gutters if the existing gutters are damaged, improperly installed, no longer functioning properly, or are in need of an upgrade.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters is important because clogged gutters can cause water damage to the building, create a breeding ground for pests, and make it difficult for the gutters to properly drain rainwater away from the building.

Gutter Maintenance

Gutter maintenance is important because it helps prevent water damage to the foundation and walls of a building. Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow, which can lead to leaks in the roof, walls, and basement.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards, also known as gutter covers or gutter protection systems, are designed to prevent debris from clogging gutters. This can help reduce the need for regular gutter cleaning and maintenance. Gutter guards can also help prevent water damage to the foundation and walls of a building by ensuring that water is properly directed away from the building.

Gutter Inspection and Repair

Many gutter systems have minor damage or issues such as a leaking seam. East Portland HOMEMASTERS can replace anything from a small section of gutter to the entire gutter system.

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As a certified installer, HOMEMASTERS is able to offer our customers a Lifetime Warranty on all Gutter Guard systems.

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At HOMEMASTERS we understand the financial hardship the recent Coronavirus Pandemic has caused our individuals and businesses. This is why we are happy to announce 0% interest and no payments for 12 months for those who qualify.

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Signs you may need New Gutters

We have very harsh weather in East Portland. Here are some signs that point to needing your gutters replaced.

Gutters are sagging or pulling away from the house

Sagging gutters are a sign that the gutters are no longer properly supported or were not properly installed. The hangers or brackets that hold the gutters in place may have become loose or corroded.

Gutters that Constantly Clog or Overflow

If your gutters are constantly clogging or overflowing, it may be a sign that your gutters and downspouts are undersized for the amount of rain that we get in East Portland.

Water Damage or Staining on the Walls or Foundation

Water stains on the walls or foundation is a sign that it's having to withstand constant moisture. Damaged or leaking gutters are one of the top causes for excessive moisture on your home's siding.

Visible Rust, Corrosion or Cracking

Rusted, corroded and cracked gutters are a leading sign that you may have issues with your current gutter system. Tiny cracks may not seem like an issue, but they can quickly turn into large ones that cause costly damage. Some small cracks can be patched so be sure to Contact US today to have one of our gutter experts come give you a free evaluation.

Standing Water

If you start to notice pools of water near your house, that's a sign that your gutters may be failing. This standing water can lead to major foundation issues and should be addressed immediately.

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Common Questions About Gutter Installation and Repair

The cost of gutters can differ based on the type of material used. Expensive materials like copper are typically used on high-end or historical homes, while more affordable options include aluminum or vinyl.

In addition to material costs, there are other factors that can affect the overall cost of gutter installation, such as the capacity of the gutters. Larger 6-inch gutters can handle heavier rainfall but come with a higher price tag compared to 5-inch gutters. Custom work, the number of levels in the home, the number of corners and downspouts, and labor costs in the area can also influence the final cost.

If you need to remove old gutter materials, this can add an additional cost. Make sure to confirm if this cost is included in your estimate with your gutter company.

Yes, we can definitely replace a section of your gutter. Our team of gutter repair and replacement specialists are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of gutter maintenance. We have all the necessary tools and equipment to handle any job, whether it's a small repair or a complete replacement.

If you have a damaged section of gutter, it's important to address the issue as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your home. Our team will work quickly and efficiently to replace the damaged section and ensure that your gutter system is functioning properly to protect your home from water damage.

If you notice that your gutters are bent or damaged, you may wonder if they can be repaired or if you need to replace them altogether. The good news is that in many cases, a bent gutter can be repaired.

We'll send one of our Gutter Technicians to your home to assess the damage and determine the best course of action. Depending on the extent of the bend, the gutter may be able to straightened or we can replace the damaged section.

Yes! We absolutely can replace your fascia boards. We are a one-stop shop for all of your exterior needs including Roofing and Siding so we have all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done right.

Not all gutter companies offer fascia replacement services, so it's important to do your research and find a reputable company that has experience working with fascia boards.

The short answer is that it depends on your specific policy and the cause of the damage. For example, if your gutters were damaged due to a covered event such as a storm or natural disaster, your insurance policy may cover the cost of repair or replacement. However, if the damage was caused by neglect or lack of maintenance, your insurance may not cover it.

It's important to review your home insurance policy or speak with your insurance provider to understand what is and isn't covered when it comes to gutter repair or replacement. Additionally, some policies may have limitations or exclusions, so it's crucial to review the details carefully.

If you're unsure about your coverage, don't hesitate to contact your insurance provider for more information.

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